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A&D Book is a new generation FFL A&D Book software that simplifies and automates Acquisition and Disposition record keeping and helps you become and stay ATF compliant in an efficient, secure and easy way
We've built A&D Book to be reliable, fast, simple to use and fully compliant with the Federal Regulations. This software will help you stay compliant with ATF regulations, save time on record keeping and eliminate errors that could result in fines and suspensions.


Keep it safe and compliant
Safe and Secure
We built A&D Book with security as our top priority. Password protected access with flexible role-based access for your staff only to the functionality they need to perform the daily job.
Secure Local Backup
Automatic and manual backups of all records to the local machine or a thumbdrive for 2016.1 ATF compliance and the peace of mind for your business.
Audit Ready
Review every acquisition and disposition, and any change to every record in seconds and print out a fully ATF compliant bound book in case of an audit.
Mass Purchase Reporting
Our software automatically monitors every disposition entered and alerts you when it detects a possible multiple as per the 27 CFR 4718.126A regulation. At the end of the workday, you can generate a ready-to-send ATF 3310.4 form with one click, minimizing manual work and reduce possible mistakes. *

Simplify your routine and save time
Multiple A&D Books
With A&D Book, you can keep unlimited number of bound books, so you can separate your books by year, rental vs. shop, gunsmithing or any other way that works for your business.
Quick attachments
Quickly and securely attach documents to the A&D records from your PC or using your computer's webcam.
Fast advanced search
Quickly search the A&D books by any combination of firearm S/N, maker, model, caliber and even the firearm selling status.
Additionally, you will always be ready for any trace requests with the ATF compliant Advanced Search, with more options such as Form 4473, ATF Incident Number, Purchaser Name and Address.
Pre-installed dictionaries
A&D Book comes with all the major manufacturers, models, calibers and firearm types preinstalled, so you don't have to enter all that information manually.
Prevent errors and mistakes
The software warns you when a new manufacturer, model, caliber or other key information is entered by an operator, to avoid any accidental mistakes. Notifications for out-of-state and on-hold dispositions ensure that rules and regulations are followed.

100% Compliant with THE Federal Firearm Regulations

ATF Ruling 2016-1
Complies with 2016-1- Requirements to Keep Firearms Records Electronically.
27 CFR 478.126A
Complies with the reporting multiple sales requirements of 27 CFR 478.126a.
Aquisition and disposition
The core records for every FFL are the A&D records. Acquisition and Disposition information has to be entered accurately and on time to ensure compliance.
A&D Book makes record keeping quick and easy with the straightforward record entry forms, robust error checking, built-in dictionaries for firearm types, manufacturers, models, and calibers, dynamic data validation and much more. You can also attach all related documents right to the Disposition record for easy and secure document storage.
Quickly and securely attach any required documents to a record so that they are always available as a part of the Disposition record. Upload and attach licenses, IDs, 4473s, or any other related document to the record in seconds. You can also use your computer webcam to scan and attach documents.
Local Backup and Quick Restore
Your Acquisition and Dispositions records are the heart of your business. We offer you a full flexibility and peace of mind with options to backup as often as you would like, locally to the server. You can back up all of your A&D records to a thumb-drive for additional peace of mind and a secure off-site storage.

Of course all backups are securely encrypted with state-of-the art encryption technology so you know that your information is safe.
Mass Purchase Reporting
With the tight time frame for filing reports and a possibility of the violation, an FFL should have strong internal controls to recognize the multiple handgun sales event and to report on it.

A&D Book automatically detects the transfer of two or more handguns to the same person at one time or within five consecutive business days and alerts you in real-time.

You can then generate the pre-filled ATF Form 3310.4, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers with one click. Print the form out for submission or email it to your Chief Law Enforcement Officer and the ATF.*
Limited to 6 pistols on the standard ATF 3310.4 form
PDF Printout
As required by the ATF 2016-1 ruling, A&D Book allows you to generate a fully compliant PDF report with all Acquisition and Disposition records and changes ordered by date of acquisition.

Easily comply with the ATF requirements to be able to present the most current version of the requested records in a printed format at ATF’s request.
Free version
run your own free A&D Book
If you are not ready for a demo, or are more comfortable with running A&D Book on your own, we offer a completely free, fully functional version of our software for download. It can be installed and operated on any Windows machine (version 7 and above).

The free version of A&D Book has exactly the same functionality as our cloud version, except for the integration with, and the authentication using Facebook or Google.
Download a free Windows version
Fast, simple, safe and secure
Unlimited bound books,
any number of records
Upgrade to a Cloud version
at any time
Robust local backup
to comply with ATF 2016.1
Print bound books at any time
Fully Functional
Bound Book Software
How to install
Running your own private A&D Book software is super easy and you can get started in just a few minutes!
Run the installer
A fully functional A&D Book software is installed on your Windows computer in minutes along with a sample Bound Book to get up to speed quickly
Run through the wizard to choose a secure admin password and configure additional options such as backups, CLEO address, FFL ID and address
You are all setup and ready with your own, best in class, completely free and fully operational A&D Book software
Choose your version
Premium help and support
Gunbroker Integration
Self-service online support
A&D Book is hosted on
Your PC
Limited to 6 pistols
Our secure cloud
Authentication using Facebook or Google
Automatic detection of mass purchase
Automatic generation of the ATF 3310.4 report
Local backup
Cloud backup
Unlimited document attachments
Unlimited bound books and records
ATF Compliant Bound book PDF print out
A&D Book
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